Monday, September 27, 2010

This week's RRRWAT

I've dug up the first game we've played in our group, the bug ridden 3d RPG known as Dungeon Lords.

After picking up this masterpiece at the local Big Lots for $6, I soon realized that it was unfinished and rushed, and would have dumped it completely if not for the multiplayer component. Multiplayer is an entirely different ballpark, with the netcode seemingly made by apes. We would play a game with only three of us, even though the maximum allowed was 8 (This was due to the netcode, which I will discuss more later).

The game is somewhat playable with three people, depending on the host computer. However, many things persist even on a good computer, some of which are hilarious.

  • If anyone other than the host jumps forward and opens their inventory, the game freaks out and teleports them in a random direction. This can easily be abused to teleport oneself over mountains or even halfway across the map.
  • If you equip any throwing weapon to your secondary slot, and then swap to your primary weapon as you perform the throwing animation, you throw your primary weapon instead.
  • Moving in one direction too far will cause monsters to be spawned, which temporarily freezes the game for a few seconds depending on the number spawned.

Anyway, I'll post a guided walkthrough of the first hour or two of the game sometime this week once the RRRWAT crew is ready to roll.

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